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Cafe Leo in the heart of Woodland Park

We tried Cafe Leo today, which is a cute little cafe located in the heart of Woodland Park, CO.

The cafe is open Monday-Sunday from 6am-6pm. They have plenty of parking and seating available both inside and out. We came during lunch on a weekday and it was not crowded, which was nice.

The drink menu consists of lattes, mochas and coffees as well as loose leaf teas. I am not a coffee drinker and love tea. The tea was very fresh and refreshing.

They have some unique sandwiches. I had The Colorado and it was delicious. My 5 year old had the breakfast burrito and it was yummy too. They also had a variety of sweets and pastries. My kids loved the decorated sugar cookie and I tried the blondie.

Here’s a look at their menu.

Overall, the place had fresh food and a clean atmosphere. We would visit again.

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