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The View Matters

Our favorite aspect of this property is the amazing, breath-taking view. The property is so private and serene and the view is spectacular. This is what ultimately made our choice to purchase it and offer it for guests to enjoy.

The home is tucked away in the Pike National Forest and is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. You could not ask for a more beautiful place to come spend time in nature.

We look forward to spending time out on the deck enjoying a delicious meal and just gazing at the beautiful view of the mountains.

We also look forward to taking an early morning or evening hike right out the front door along the miles and miles of trails around the property.

Life gets so busy and stressful at times, it is hard to slow down and take time just to look around and be inspired by what nature has to offer. Colorado has so much beauty. There is so much peace and comfort being in the woods and surrounded by trees, mountains and fresh air. Whether you are someone who likes to get out into by hiking or biking or someone who likes to sit and read a book in the fresh air and natural beauty, we hope you will choose to take some time off at Ponderosa Place.


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