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The Human Bean

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

My daughter and I tried out the Human Bean today on our way out to the house. She wanted something sweet and I was hoping for something refreshing since it’s a warm spring day. We have heard good reviews about the Human Bean but have never tried it ourselves.

We came around 1130 and drove right up to make our order. The employee was super helpful in helping us pick out drinks since we have never been here. My daughter chose the Bubble Gum smoothie with whip cream. She is four years old. She said it was the best drink she ever tasted! I wanted some thing refreshing and typically don’t drink coffee so I chose the green tea over ice with a touch of honey. It definitely hit the spot.

I am fairly picky about tea since I drink it on a regular basis and it had a very smooth taste. One really fun thing was that every drink comes with a chocolate covered espresso bean. Who doesn’t like a touch of chocolate during their day. I took my daughters so I got two which was an extra special treat. In looking at the menu they have a large variety of coffee, tea and smoothies.

They also have some food items which I have attached pictures. Next time we will have to try a muffin top or some sort of sandwich to go along with our drinks. Both of our drinks came out to around $11. That seemed a little on the pricey side but they were definitely high quality and delicious. So all in all we had a great experience and will definitely be back.



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