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Yellow Mountain Tea House in Old Colorado City

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

This tea house is 100% worth the 45-50 min drive down into Colorado Springs. It’s owned by a wonderful lady named Tanya who is from southern China. She has so much knowledge of tea and makes the most delicious, all organic and authentic Chinese food that they serve at the tea house. It’s so good! The tea house has over 300 kinds of teas to include oolongs (my favorite), green teas, black teas, herbal teas and more. If you like Oolong you have to try the Coconut Oolong tea. It’s so fresh and smooth. Most of the teas are from China and some from Japan and South Africa. If you do venture down to this wonderful place, please allow time for the experience. This is not a quick in and out.

They do a Chinese tea ceremony where they brew the tea at the table and teach you all about the tea you chose including the best way to brew the tea and the special properties of that specific tea. The food menu is just as delicious and unique as the tea. The food is so good and all handmade by Tanya.

It does take awhile to get it though so be prepared to be here at least an hour. It’s so worth it! One thing I learned about and now use at home on a regular basis are the sweet tea leaves. I use them in cooking and in my drinks. They are made from leaves from the Chinese Blackberry. They are packed full of nutrients and a healthy alternative to sugar. You can read more about the awesome benefits on their website. You can also purchase loose tea, tea sets and she even has homemade gelato! This place is just amazing! Take the trip and please comment your thoughts if you tried it!



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