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Lantern Tour at Cave of the Winds

Dane and I went on a scary adventure today for his 8th birthday! The lantern ghost tour at the Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs, CO.

Kids have to be 8 years old so I surprised him from picking him up from school and taking him on this adventure for his birthday.

Cost of the tour is reasonable at around $34 per adult and $24 for children 8-12. It’s encouraged to purchase tickets online in advance.

The tour is 90 minutes and does require some walking on uneven surfaces as well as ”duck walking“ or crouching very low for about a football field length twice during the tour. Ghost stories are told along the tour and there’s a 2-3 minute period where you experience total darkness. You carry old time lanterns for the tour as your only light source.

They made the experience very nice for my son and even sang happy birthday to him down in the cave which was pretty special. The tour guide, Hippie, was entertaining and knowledgeable about the history of the caves.

Cave of the Winds also has a more family oriented, not scared tour called the Discovery Tour which was have also done and is fantastic. This would be a 45 min trip from Ponderosa Place and worth the drive.


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