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The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: a wonderful experience!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We have been enjoying the zoo as a family consistently for the last seven years. My children have grown up going to the zoo and spending time with the animals. It never gets old and there is always a new animal encounter that makes the trip so worthwhile.

Today we got to see a sloth up close and personal as she left her cozy hammock for her once daily meal. We learned so many cool facts about sloths during this educational feeding with the zoo keepers. The most interesting fact was in the wild they come down from their tree once a week to use the bathroom! They can hold a gallon of water before needing to urinate. So crazy!

Who wouldn‘t fall in love with this adorable face!

Another fun encounter today was with the 8 month old baby hippo boy who already weighs 450lbs! The zoo keepers were doing a teeth cleaning session with his mom (who weighs over 3,000lbs). How cool to see an enormous hippo mouth that close! Again, the staff is so kind with answering questions and educating about the animals. You can tell they truly care for them and love their jobs.

One of the most amazing exhibits at the zoo is the giraffe exhibit. You get so close to the giraffes and can feed them which is so unique. What a great memory to feed such an exquisite animal.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was voted #4 best zoo in North America in 2021 and I can completely understand why. It’s always so clean and the animals seem to be given a lot of care and attention. The atmosphere is just gorgeous and you have views of the city throughout as it’s built on a hill. Come prepared to get some exercise as you do walk up and down hills. They do have a shuttle as well if needed.

The zoo has a lot of opportunities for kids to climb and play on things. It has a small playground too. The kids can interact with goats, feed the chickens, and often touch a reptile in the loft.

The wallabies are another favorite and if they are close to the trail, you can pet them.

It’s just a shakin good time!

The gift shop is very well stocked is a great place to bring home a special souvenir.

From Ponderosa Place the zoo is a little over an hour drive, but well worth the experience if you love animals and want a unique experience. Do check their website and see if you need advanced tickets (which is their current system).

Would love to hear your experience if you choose to go. Comment if you do!

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